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Welcome to "The Orphans of Stormwind" and "Orphans of Stormwind" website, and thank you for taking the time to have a look at our guild(s). "The Orphans of Stormwind" is our casual, leveling guild and "Orphans of Stormwind" is our 68 to 70 guild dedicated to high level group play which has main characters only. We play on the "Shu'Halo" server and if you are interested in joining a helpful, fun, and interesting guild you have come to the right place. We try as hard as we can to aid our fellow guild mates in questing, instances and so forth. We also try to pass on the knowledge we've gained to make your travels through Azeroth a little less confusing along with trying to keep things as interesting as we can. Our long term goal is to have a strong foundation for 25 man raids and continue having fun and helping others excel and improve their characters and gameplay. Orphans is looking for Level 68+ players who are looking to advance their main character by participating in group events. Questing, working on rep with an eye to doing heroics and eventually Kara are our goals. The Orphans are looking for all levels and classes. If you're looking to join a guild focused on having fun while doing instances and other activities we may be the guild for you. We are looking for Level 70's to join us as we start to run Karazhan. For more info or to apply, go to our recruitment forum.
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